• NLO Apps, represented by Gilbert Thierry NLO, hereinafter referred to as “NLO”;
  • The advertisers below referred to as “advertisers”;
  • the content creators referred to below as “content creators”;
  • and Internet users as a whole hereinafter referred to as “visitors”.

Private life

NLO Hiseller Egia does not have any mechanism for tracking visitor activity on the Internet. However, it uses cookies for authentication and session purposes. In addition, some data required by several application interfaces may be temporarily stored in the browser and then deleted.

Data sharing

NLO Hiseller Egia is part of an ecosystem of software capable of communicating with each other. Therefore, it is the same entity that processes it. Egia can therefore use the “Exoo” application ( for the purposes of sending or receiving data relating in particular to authentication, the recording of advertising campaigns in the form of projects, payment data as well as some globally requested data such as the list of countries, fields of activity, etc.

NLO does not share or sell the data processed within its software ecosystem with any entity.

Data security

With its hybrid architecture combining several layers of security, NLO and its partners do their utmost to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data in their possession.

Thus, in addition to NLO, the partner Planethoster provides hosting for the platform via a datacenter built on French soil. However, NLO, owner of the application, is legally registered in the Republic of Cameroon.

To this end, various encryption mechanisms can be used from the user’s terminal to the databases in order to restrict their accessibility by persons other than their author or recipient.


  • NLO Hiseller Egia can be accessed in several languages. However, the official contents published by NLO are in French and English, official languages of the Republic of Cameroon;
  • Ditto for the main websites:,,;
  • The currency used by default is the US dollar.

Rights and obligations of stakeholders

  • NLO
    • Ensures the automatic distribution of advertisements based on the target countries, the similarity of the advertising contexts between the advertiser and the content creator, and the availability of space linked to the number of simultaneous advertisers.
    • Reserves the right to invalidate an advertisement if it is intended to promote hatred, racism whether black or white, insecurity by justifying terrorism or any other form of malicious act ;
    • Pay the earnings accumulated by the content creators each week, between Monday and Friday.
  • The advertiser
    • Is responsible for the reach of its advertisements, particularly with regard to alcohol;
    • Cannot promote prohibited substances ;
    • Cannot launch a political or religious campaign;
    • Is required to pay the sum corresponding to the budget recorded for his campaign before the broadcast of it begins.
  • The content creator
    • Must provide for the insertion of advertisements in its content with moderation and clarity so that it is based in its work without any form of saturation;
    • Is called upon to create content that is sufficiently developed and which is specific to it. He is therefore responsible for any act of plagiarism, which, among other things, exposes him to legal proceedings by the original authors and the suspension of his profile on Egia;
    • Is responsible for the declaration of income generated via Egia in his country of residence;
    • Can only receive a payment if their balance is greater than or equal to US $ 50.

Support, assistance and various arrangements

  • The support can be accessed by e-mail or by using the “tickets” link displayed for each campaign in the advertising space;
  • Useful contacts: (Gilbert Thierry NLO), (Support, assistance and maintenance team);
  • In case of force majeure, call 00237 650 650 016 or 00237 698 702 040.
  • Nlo reserves the right to update these general conditions of use.