NLO Hiseller Egia is an advertising network on the Internet allowing the dissemination of advertisements recorded there in the form of images, within the works produced by creators of content and digital services partners, which are mainly cybernetic media, bloggers and publishers of web or mobile apps.

Indeed, on the first hand, it allows companies to exploit an alternative web marketing channel, based on content, in order to maximize their chances of attracting and converting Internet users, thus allowing them to increase their turnover.

On the other hand, it lays the foundations of a digital economy business model based on content marketing, making it possible to make profitable digital works from the cybernetic press, bloggers and creators of digital services through their apps while keeping them free.

Creation context

At first, the galloping competition on the internet pushes companies to put themselves forward in order to be continuously seen, to capture attention and increase their chances of attractiveness and conversion using advertising.

However, experience has shown over time that Internet users do not interact with all platforms in the same way. So to speak, investing in some form of advertising on the wrong platform will ultimately prove to be a money pit with no palpable return.

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Secondly, over the past few years, we have witnessed a proliferation of cybernetic media, particularly in developing countries which are struggling to make their work profitable, thus pushing some to engage in a kind of information haggling or exposing them to the highest bidder, at the risk of transforming them into a hired press or with a dubious neutrality.

It is practically the same for those who would like to share their knowledge or know-how via profitable blogs. And in both of these cases, the options for integrating advertisements, in particular through services such as Google Ads, do not support certain countries such as Cameroon, the registrants, ineligible for their compensation programs.

Also, software publishers and application developers are regularly looking for a business model in order to make their productions profitable. However, as some analysts reveal to us, users from the above-mentioned countries are the most involved in the use of products with fraudulent licenses. And even in popular imagery, everything on the internet is supposed to be free. Therefore, maintaining this free service by offering a quality and profitable service becomes an imperative in order to remain productive and competitive.

Competitive assets

NLO Hiseller Egia allows companies and organizations of all sizes to broadcast advertisements that fit naturally into the content or services offered by the media, bloggers and developers who, as a result, make their works profitable without any geographical limitation, any mechanism of web tracking and without making the end user pay through pay-per-click and/or view. This makes it possible to create a digital economy model based on content marketing where the displayed advertising integrates in a complementary way with the content offered, making it more likely to be accepted by the end user.

To do this, it facilitates the creation of blogs for those creators who do not have a website so that they can post their content without needing to own one, like Egia‘s own blog But for those who have their own platforms or wish to integrate Egia’s advertisements in their apps, it can produce a code allowing them to export said advertisements on the platforms of their choice.

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For companies wishing to advertise, Egia allows them to post ads in 03 formats (banner, square, rectangular) in order to make the most of different positions on the screen. In addition, they have the option of targeting one or more countries in which the advertisement will be displayed. Also, the published advertisement makes it possible to redirect those who have clicked on it to the website of its author and at this level also, Egia allows companies of all sizes to post their products or services in one or more online shops which are default associated with the profiles they have created such as

The source of values

1 Increased visibility through various display positions on an unlimited potential of platforms (websites, blogs, web, mobile and progressive apps…).
2 Better conversion power via contextual or complementary integration to the proposed content.
3 Professionalism and independence generated by the business model between creators of content or digital solutions and advertisers, guaranteeing original, sustainable and ever more innovative solutions and content regardless of the country of origin.

Testimonials and use cases

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