Pricing policy and business model of NLO Apps

Since its origins, Internet has always been a space of freedom, openness and accessibility. ; the library of the world and the door opened to all types of services available from its living room, all, ideally, for free and NLO Apps vibrates in unison with this philosophy.

However, the accomplishment of this mission requires a mechanism of profitability, useful for the functioning and the support of the expenses required by this gigantic enterprise. It is therefore in this sense that, of all our solutions, present and future, we have prepared one, so that it provides this energy useful for the free functioning of others, this, beyond its other assets : NLO Hiseller Egia.

NLO Hiseller Egia allows advertisers to distribute their advertising posters through web or mobile applications and as well as websites in a contextual and geographically targeted way. The contextual mode in question makes it possible to ignore technologies such as web-cracking, which is increasingly decried by users and some governments, because, victims of a despoiled private life, followed in smallest details through Internet to then be resold. Geographic targeting allows, as its name suggests, to specify only the country or countries concerned by its advertising campaign. In other words, only visitors residing in this or these countries will be able to see and click on the ad in question..

Also, as you will no doubt have understood, Egia tentacles do not only concern applications or websites designed by NLO Apps. Any third-party digital work can also benefit from it, whether its author is an application or game publisher, a cybernetic media or even a blogger, an immeasurable source of traffic. An idea of the potential ? Click here, to find out more and discover many other advantages offered by NLO Egia.

In order to say that, with the exception of outsourcing services which operate on study and contract, all our software and some related services (blogs in this case) are usable for FREE.

But never mind, informed minds will not fail to note that this mode of operation offers them an additional advantage, if and only if, they take Egia into account and manage to take advantage of the formidable potential of users , readers, or even players that it is able to reach…

All this because our main challenge is to ensure that digital tools are for you, real assets at the service of your growth and your success.
NLO Apps, « source of values ».

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