The organizational structure of NLO Apps is distributed among its 03 application families that impact areas contributing or directly influencing business productivity, data security and business performance.

These are the following families:

Family Areas of impact
Smartprise Organization, reporting and data security
Impact point : Productivity and data security because a good organization generates good performances and greatly influences the quality of products, as the history of the automobile industry has proven to us with Toyota, which owes a good part, if not the major part of its worldwide success to its methods innovative organizational systems, in particular “5S”.
In addition, a good organization calls for actions both at the managerial (steering) and operational levels and to do this, reporting occupies a prominent place. These interactions between the strategic (managerial) and operational level should obviously be done in strict compliance with corporate secrecy and good control of both internal and external communication. Thus, the software solutions of the Smartprise family will, among other things, have the effect of:
  • Streamline your work process while ensuring more quality and more output ;
  • Make optimal use of each resource invested ;
  • Streamline your organization to be as responsive, effective and efficient as possible ;
  • Structure its growth, control it and steer it to be at the heart of its development and have the decisive tools necessary to realize its ambitions or dreams on time;
  • Anticipate, understand and evolve faster ;
  • Produce for competitive results and performance;
  • Etc.
Hiseller Digital marketing, e-commerce and communication
Impact point : Commercial performance in the perspective of supporting you effectively in the full profitability of the fruit of your productions by selling them well, more easily and as quickly as possible. Thus, our software solutions will, among other things, have the effect of :
  • Take advantage of the immense potential of digital technology, particularly on the commercial level ;
  • Reduce costs relating to prospecting, marketing, logistics and certain related costs ;
  • Etc.

In addition, when necessary, the software designed in each of these families is supplemented by related services specific to the operating context of said software.

So visit pages related to each software to find out more without forgetting to test them.

For more business productivity and data security
For higher business selling performances

All this because, our main challenge is to ensure that digital tools are for you, real assets at the service of your growth and your success.
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