Concerned about the protection of its users’ data and corporate secrecy, NLO Apps has implemented a basic framework relating to the processing of data handled by its software :

On the user’s device (smartphone or computer):

  1. No data is collected without the knowledge of the user in general or more specifically for commercial or geopolitical purposes;
  2. Cookies may be required for the exclusive processing of authentication sessions or any other non-commercial processing previously notified to the user, at least through the general conditions of use of said software;
  3. Local databases stored directly in device memory or via a web browser may be temporarily required to provide or maintain the functional or ergonomic state of the running application.

On NLO Apps servers:

  1. Internal files or documents are preferably referenced (linked) or imported into the application without ever saving them on our servers;
  2. Storage of said files is preferably done on the servers of the company in question or with a data cloud provider of its choice;
  3. Only snippets of heterogeneous data can be saved on our servers, everything being done to ensure their non-accessibility by persons other than their authors;
  4. Said snippets of data benefit, depending on the level of sensitivity they may have, from the use of cryptographic mechanisms within the limits set by law.

All this because our main challenge is to ensure that digital tools are for you, real assets at the service of your growth and your success.
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